Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Required Update

More enhancements. Check with ClickOnce for upgrade.

The Enclosures View saw lots of activity in this update.


  1. Added menu opacity.
  2. Left-hand View: changed button click to rotate through views, instead of collapsing.
  3. Feed List View: added Next command. This marks the current feed as read, and advances to the next one in the list.
  4. Feed List View: Category and Subject Filters use the selected Unread/Read/All setting.
  5. Feed List View: Added graphics for "Downloaded" and "Published" text.
  6. Enclosures View: enhance performance when switching between Unread/Read/All views.
  7. Enclosures View: correct handling of delete enclosures request from Playlist View.
  8. Enclosures View: implement the Add Downloaded Items to Playlist setting.
  9. Enclosures View: add notify to taskbar setting for Add Downloaded Items to Playlist.
  10. Enclosures View: added Read/Unread item status to list view.

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