Saturday, December 27, 2008

Required Update

Man is this a big fat update! Well worth your wait, I promise....


  1. Browse View: Link enhancement via dlink. Sorry, you can't turn it off, nor would you want to!
  2. Power Search View: added. Searches across 10+ sites in parallel, and gives you the results.
  3. Browse View: added ability to save and restore open tab URLs between sessions.
  4. Browse View: added configuration settings.
  5. Gallery View: added. Responsible for image/* MIME type.
  6. Playlist View: now responsible for enclosures audio/*.
  7. Feed List View: Next Entry command now loops to the top of the list from the bottom.


  1. Browse View: links that were previously non-responsive (due to a New Window request) now generate a new tab according to the Blocker setting.
  2. Rendering: Ironed out encoding issues; it is always UTF-16 now.
  3. Enclosures View: detects previously-downloaded enclosures on startup.
  4. Still more shutdown enhancements.
  5. Playlist View: internal enhancements to address defects.
  6. Enclosures View: enhancements to detecting status changes.
  7. Feed List View: Next entry did not work for categorized result filters.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Still Upcoming

It is really close; sorry for the delay. I do have a day job like you.

I am frantically working on closing this release for Today or Tomorrow.

Monday, December 8, 2008


More stuff in the pipe for the next update; hopefully this week.

  • Gallery View: new plugin that services enclosures with MIME image/*.
  • Enclosures View: reworked to fit the new enclosure model. Enclosure status changes are now "broadcast" to the rest of the application.
  • Playlist View: now services enclosures with MIME audio/*. This was previously in the Enclosures View.
  • Playlist View: internal enhancements to address defects.
  • Enclosures View: enhancements to detecting status changes.

And more I'm sure. Most of these are complete.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Required Update


  1. Improve startup when the Common Feed List Platform is not present.
  2. Automatically add this feed to your CFL on startup. Don't bother deleting it; it will get put back. After all, you want to know about updates, don't you?
  3. Browse View: popup control is now present. Spawn windows as desired!
  4. Continuing clean-up of shutdown errors.
  5. Write a log file on unhandled application errors. Feel free to submit them.