Saturday, December 27, 2008

Required Update

Man is this a big fat update! Well worth your wait, I promise....


  1. Browse View: Link enhancement via dlink. Sorry, you can't turn it off, nor would you want to!
  2. Power Search View: added. Searches across 10+ sites in parallel, and gives you the results.
  3. Browse View: added ability to save and restore open tab URLs between sessions.
  4. Browse View: added configuration settings.
  5. Gallery View: added. Responsible for image/* MIME type.
  6. Playlist View: now responsible for enclosures audio/*.
  7. Feed List View: Next Entry command now loops to the top of the list from the bottom.


  1. Browse View: links that were previously non-responsive (due to a New Window request) now generate a new tab according to the Blocker setting.
  2. Rendering: Ironed out encoding issues; it is always UTF-16 now.
  3. Enclosures View: detects previously-downloaded enclosures on startup.
  4. Still more shutdown enhancements.
  5. Playlist View: internal enhancements to address defects.
  6. Enclosures View: enhancements to detecting status changes.
  7. Feed List View: Next entry did not work for categorized result filters.

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david_king said...

Cheers for using my code and the kind words!!!